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Visually impaired children shoot for hole-in-one


Wouldn’t it be nice to take a day off to play golf? Well, a group of East Texas students got to do just that.

Monday was the third-annual Lighthouse Saving Sight Golf Tournament. It was held at The Cascades Country Club and local children with seeing impairments came to learn how to play golf.

Seeing that waiving flag and hitting a hole-in-one is a test for anyone, but for these kids, it’s a blurry goal. They’re all visually impaired, but it’s not stopping any of them.

Claire Arteaga’s says her favorite is driving the ball, “You don’t have to go easy on the ball or you don’t have to go chase it really well you do have to chase it, but you really don’t get it.”

“They need to learn rec leisure skills, recreation and leisure skills, and we thought this was a good way, even if they don’t become golfers, if their dad golfs, or if someone at their school golfs, then they’ll have a better understanding of what that means,” Ann Phillips, program administrator for Lighthouse for the Blind, said.

A tournament held for adults will raise money for East Texans in need of eye exams and glasses, but for the kids, it’s all about the fun.

Many of the kids spend every day in a classroom where they may be the only visually impaired student in the entire school. So while they didn’t go to class on Monday, they were taught, the skills, rules and terms of golf.

“I’m the only one from my school. It means that I’m not alone. It means there’s other people out there that have the same issue as me,” Nathan Sherven, one of today's participants.

Dozens were here with him today.

"You know, the camaraderie, I think is good, and then for today, that they learn something about golf,” Phillips said.

They walked the distance from tee-off to the hole so they could see, too, the actual distance their ball has to travel.

Last year the tournament raised more than  $25,000 in donations.

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