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Child stuck by needle at playground, rushed to hospital

The very small needle is contained within this cup of ketchup, along with a french fry. Hill said this is where it landed after it was thrown away. The very small needle is contained within this cup of ketchup, along with a french fry. Hill said this is where it landed after it was thrown away.

A mother makes a shocking discovery in the playground at Burger King on Buena Vista Road in Columbus.

Latisha Hill said her son was stuck with a needle at the end of the indoor slide.  She said she was prepared for a fall or a bump on the head, but a scratch from a needle is the last type of playground injury she was expecting her son to receive.

It happened Sunday afternoon during a party she was throwing for her son, Tony Montgomery's, seventh birthday.  He and 17 of his friends were inside the restaurant playground for hours before she noticed the area was littered with needles. Shortly after she made the discovery, her son told her that he had been scratched by one of them.

The police officer who took the report described the needles as the kind you may find in a Diabetes lancet device.  The very small metal-pointed objects are not the syringe-style needles that are associated with dangerous drugs or diseases.

Hill and other parents at the party disposed of as many needles as they could find, but she retrieved two out of the trash to keep for evidence.  When she showed them to our cameras, they were inside a cup filled with ketchup along with a french fry.  She said that's where they landed when they were thrown away.

Burger King officials acknowledge that the needles were found throughout the playground and they are reviewing surveillance video to try and determine their origin.

"The people who work at Burger King asked us to leave the room, so that's what we did, and then that's when I took my son to the emergency room," said Hill.

"I thought I was going to die, because my momma told me that if you get poked by one, you can die," said Tony Montgomery, who is now 7-years-old.

But doctors at St. Francis Hospital told him he was going to be alright.

"Because his jeans were so thick, it didn't penetrate the skin. What it did was, it just kind of scratched him a little bit, but it didn't go through the skin, so she said he should be alright," said Hill.

Burger King officials said they closed down the playground and made sure the area was safe before opening it back up. Their investigation into the matter continues.

The birthday boy's sister said she saw one of the other children at the party holding a needle in his hands.

"He was chasing people around with it, and that's whenever my auntie saw it, and she was like, 'everyone get your shoes on.' She was scared and everybody was trying to put their shoes on," said Itavia Montgomery.

We asked Hill if she knew whether any children at the party were diabetic.

"I'm quite sure one of the parents would have mentioned it because we had cake and ice cream. No parent mentioned anything about their child not being able to eat it or being a diabetic or anything," said Hill.

When asked if Hill thought it was possible that a child brought one of his or her parents' needles to the party, she responded, "I'm quite sure that it is possible, but the likelihood of it, I don't think it was very likely."

Hill said she is reaching out to all of the 17 children's parents to see if they have any clues about where the needles may have come from.

Burger King officials said they consider the safety of their customers top priority and want the public to know that these needles turned out to be basically harmless.

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