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Miranda Lambert's Lindale store grand opening: 'I drove 19 hours straight to be here'


People from all over the country gathered in Lindale Saturday for the grand opening of Miranda Lambert's new store, 'The Pink Pistol'.

The Pink Pistol at the intersection of Highway 69 and East Hubbard Street in Lindale.

Hundreds of people lined the block for Miranda's Pink Pistol grand opening, and once the doors were opened, it was a stampede to get in.

It's got everything a cowgirl needs- pink, pistols, boots, and all the bling you can imagine.

Miranda's parent's say it's a reflection of everything she is.

"Miranda actually came into the store when we first started decorating, and she had a huge hand in how this is put together," said Rick Lambert, Miranda Lambert's father.

"She did all the windows, and they look amazing. She had a hand in designing the decor as far as the feel, and the look of the place. She even painted some of the decorations in the store herself," said Beverly Lambert, Miranda's mother. "She's been very involved in the process of getting this together."

Her fans who drove 12 hours from Georgia, can tell.

"If you see the way Miranda dresses, I can see a lot of her walking through the store. There is a gypsy look, and there's a lot of memorabilia you might not see on the road," said Kimberly Nhason, a Miranda Lambert fan.

"I think the pink represents her 100%," said Annie Altman. "All the pistols is her, 'don't mess with me,' attitude."
They aren't the only ones who made the trip here.

"I'm from Virginia. We left Thursday night at 8 o'clock. It took us 19 hours to get here, and we drove straight through," said Nicole Clatterbuck, a Miranda Lambert fan. "The store is chic, it's upbeat, it's country, it's vintage, it's a good statement of Miranda Lambert."

Her parents say it's Miranda's way to show fans her small town roots.

"Here she's not Miranda Lambert, she's not Miranda Shelton, she just gets to be Ran. That's her nickname, and I hope the people of Lindale can just treat her like Ran," said Beverly. "She doesn't want to be a celebrity in this. She doesn't want to be famous in a small town. She just wants to be the owner of the Pink Pistol Texas."

The grand opening festivities will continue Sunday at the Pink Pistol store in Lindale from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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