Local University Students Help Get Out The Vote

Get out and vote. That's the message a group of East Texas college students is trying to send to classmates this election season.

ETBU's Political Awareness Society is sponsoring a voter registration booth.

The Political Awareness Society is volunteering their time this week for one purpose. "The purpose here today is strictly to get kids to come out and register to vote," says vice president of the society Keith Guthrie.

They not only want their fellow students to register to vote, they want them to actually vote. "It's important for the youth of America to get involved, to know what it's about and to have a say," says president of the society Mark Jackson.

At East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, the students say their vote will be cast based on the issues that matter most to them, even if they see them differently.

"We have people on campus that have brothers and sisters in Iraq and at a Baptist school, a lot of the social issues concern us," says Mark.

"The most important issue primarily the war in Iraq for me. I feel we were mislead into the war and also education is a significant issue," says Keith.

Keith says although he's at a Baptist university in Bush country, he's hoping he can help fellow students see politics, his way. "I spend most of my days skipping class and telling people why they should vote for Kerry."

Voting in this year's election will be much easier for students. On election day, a voting box will be set up on campus. The Political Awareness Society at ETBU is also hosting a discussion at the University after Thursday night's presidential debate.

Amy Tatum reporting. atatum@kltv.com