Councilwoman's Constituents Weigh In On The Controversy

Many of the citizens in district one have very different views about what should happen next.

At Moody's Barber shop on Pine Tree road, the city council turmoil was all the buzz.

"Sit in on some of those meetings. I can understand why she'd call them what she did," says Jim Opielia. The men here say most of Karen Hailey's emails were a reflection of how most citizens view the council. They say she should not resign.

"I think she would've been a lot better had she not said what she said but, it's done and we can't go back and take it away. But I don't think a resignation on her part is a solution to the problem," says Bob Moyer.

But down the street, the owner of Graham's Florist says just the opposite. She says the racial slurs and name calling in the emails have no business in city government.

"Totally unacceptable. That behavior is over the top," says Betty Graham.

Betty says the entire council would be better off if Ms. Hailey resigned. "I know that it's going to be even more difficult if she doesn't for the council to continue to be productive."

Even with the mixed views of her constituents, Karen says she's not going anywhere. "I'm going to continue to work and serve my district," says Karen.

Amy Tatum, reporting.