Racial E-mails Released From Longview City Council

Inter-office e-mails released in a open records request, show Longview mayor pro-tem Karen Hailey twice used racial slurs in referring to fellow council members. Hundreds of e-mails were released, many with disturbingly angry and cruel wording. An April 2004 e-mail read, "It is impossible to fire an incompetent n****r."  In February 2004, an e-mail said, "Our city council is a joke, councilman Daryl Williams is a big dumb n****r.  Sydney (Bell Willis) is a stupid councilman. Andy Mack is arrogant, councilman Jay Dean is sneaky."  In March of 2004, the e-mail said, "Sidney Bell Willis is too stupid to think on her own... I can't believe she ever taught school."

But Hailey denies that the e-mails are her work.

"While it appears to the council that I authored them, they are not strictly my words they are taken out of context," Hailey says.

In a bizarre twist, Hailey believes mayor Murray Moore is on a witch hunt. She believes a dispute between her 22 year old son and mayor Moore over a rental, in which she says a gay sexual advance was made to her son by the mayor, is the source of the e-mail attack.

"The mayors had to come to terms with his own lifestyle, while no one cares that I know of, he cares greatly and is very worried about what my son would do as far as sexual indiscretion," Hailey said.

"This is typical Karen Hailey, desperate people do desperate things, my girlfriend will think this is funny," said Murray Moore.

Some council members say that the "e-mail" evidence shows a history of erratic and unstable behavior.

"I think she sees the bigger picture now and that its in the city's best interest to resign," say councilman Tommy Finklea.

But Haley has no intentions of leaving, and no official request has been made for her to resign.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.