Better East Texas: Wendy Davis announces run for Texas governor

Better East Texas: Wendy Davis announces run for Texas governor

(KLTV) - Recently State Senator Wendy Davis announced her plans to run for Texas Governor. It is no secret that there is a very organized effort underway to land a democrat back in the governor's office in Texas.

The last such victor was Anne Richards some 20 years ago. Senator Davis has risen quickly, largely because of her filibuster against a pending law affecting abortion funding in the recent legislative special session. She will be running against other democrats, republican Gregg Abbott and a host of other republicans for the state's highest post. This may not be the election that democrats earn back the governor's mansion but it is shaping up for them getting a much stronger foothold in the state legislature.

We should also expect an aggressive campaign against Wendy Davis if she becomes the democratic nominee for governor. It is safe to say that any campaign ads against her will be met with calls of bullying but I hope that Davis steps beyond that so Texans can get an understanding of her positions on some key issues. Delivering a filibuster for eleven hours is just not reason enough to be considered a candidate for leading the greatest state in America. Even Ann Richards held the position of State Treasurer for several terms because it truly does take extended experience to be effective and not just popular.

In the meantime Governor Rick Perry is poised to ride off into the sunset where he will consider another run for President. There is a load of movement on the Texas political front so register now to vote and buckle up.

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