Better East Texas: Viewer feedback on Senator Ted Cruz

Better East Texas: Viewer feedback on Senator Ted Cruz

(KLTV) - Several weeks ago I delivered a Better East Texas commentary expressing my thoughts on Texas Senator Ted Cruz. I received a lot of feedback, much of it critical, but some if it supportive on my thoughts on Senator Cruz.

Charles Curtis wrote: "Your assessment of power hungry Ted Cruz is dead on target. He has already shown the world it is all about him. We have had hand-picked politicians shoved down our gullible throats for way too long. I think he, Cruz, will be pulling other attention getting tricks as time goes on. We need to demand a ballot be placed in front of every voting person to get term limits, lifetime salaries, congressional barber shops, etcetera, etcetera, cut from our payroll and stop footing the bill for anything and everything congress wants. If it takes one million signatures for this to happen, I believe two million would line up to be first."

Thanks again for the feedback Charles. The point through all of this that is challenging for the republicans, is that they are a party divided. Ted Cruz is just the most recent example in a string of polarizing figures in the republican party. The republicans will lose critical elections that are coming up if they cannot unite. Meanwhile democrats are content to let the GOP fracture expand.

I suppose this is how big change is born but it can also be a set up for extended defeat. No matter the direction, a united Republican party is best for the political process and it makes for a Better East Texas

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