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Pet parrot escapes, is found at area Walmart


We've all heard the story about the one that got away, but it's usually about fish...or girls. In this case, the one that got away was a parrot; a pet parrot named Sweet Nell who decided she wanted a taste of freedom.

But the sky is not always bluer on the other side of the cloud...or something like that.

Caroline Wicks is relatively new to the world of the aviary. She's only had birds for a year or so, getting one and a couple months later deciding it might like a buddy.

She named them Dudley and Nell after the Dudley Do-Right cartoon characters. Nell turned out to be the wild one.

"She's a very inquisitive little bird," Caroline said.

She got through a screen In Caroline's sunroom. Caroline called the animal shelter, and they suggested calling pet stores.

"Pet Smart called me and told me a lady had inquired about a lost conure parrot, and it was mine. So I contacted the lady and she lived in Shreveport," Caroline said.

Sweet Nell did not cruise to another state. Actually she took a trip to Walmart about six miles away, as the parrot flies.

"She was trying to migrate," I observed.

"Yes, she was," Caroline laughed.

"And the lady had pulled into the Walmart to get a new battery, and she turned around and there she sat. And she was very social and got on the lady's shoulder, and they took her. The lady had had birds before and she knew how to take care of her," Caroline said.

Caroline said the other woman's name is Carol. Sweet Nell knows her momma.

"So my son and I got up the next morning and went and got her," Caroline explained.

Sweet Nell is happily back home with Dudley and Caroline, where clipped wings and a reinforced screen will help her stay put.

Sweet Nell easily could have wound up as hawk food and may have realized this whole escape thing was for the birds…well, other birds, anyway.

Conure parrots are South American, and are also called Sun Parrots, because when a flock of them fly overhead, it looks like sunrise.

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