Viewer Response: 'You hit the nail on the head'

You hit the nail on the head concerning Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

His marathon speech has only help lead to a government shutdown and not a delay in the Affordable Healthcare Act. Once again exhibiting his inability to be able to work with his fellow Republicans, and follow the established procedures.

I did not vote for him or my other elected representatives to further personal agendas, put the economy, U.S. interests, and fellow Americans at risk. This is all Ted Cruz has done to date and he is not making the difference that he and his supporters believe he is.

As an American, I believe in a limited government that invests in, and manages wisely, its core responsibilities and leaves the rest to the private sector. I believe in and fight hard for our nation's principles but I value compromise, cooperation and results.

The current crisis's which is good for Washington is not good for the nation, the states, or the American people. It is good for Washington because E-mail lists are expanded, fundraising opportunities increase with an increase in fund, everyone gives a big speech, and gets on the national, local, and international news, etc ... Here in Texas a crisis of this type is not good, it hurts the economy, and stifles job growth.

There is plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the current crisis and the next one over the debt limit. Senator Cruz needs to be part of the solution and not the problem.

Warm regards,

Mark O.