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Memorial wall reminding East Texans to honor fallen heroes


261 photographs currently make up the 14 panel Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Wall honoring Texan soldiers who lost their lives serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Our freedoms come from and always will and always have from the individuals that raise their hand and say I will defend this country," said Roy James, TX State Director, Honor and Remember of Texas.

The goal of the memorial wall and the Honor and Remember Organization is to educate Texans on the sacrifices made for their freedom.

Vietnam veteran Carson George served in the army for eight years and had son with the same passion of service, he says he knows all too well about sacrifice.

"I lost him in Afghanistan on the 18th of August 2005," said George.

George says the wall gives veterans a chance to make sure their comrades are not forgotten.

The memorial wall travels all over Texas giving the public a chance to understand how close the cost of freedom can hit to home.

 "Even if they don't know a soul on the wall what they see when they see those photographs they see their own children perhaps, they see the neighborhood kid," said Curator.

Officials say its easy to forget where freedom comes and the hope the presence of the Honor and Remember Flag and the memorial of fallen heroes will remind Texans not to take anything for granted.

"We're busy in our lives with our every day drama and sometimes happen to forget that we have the privilege of doing what we want to do and that has been given to us by the gentlemen and ladies on this wall," said James.

"Everyone one of the souls that have given their lives in the past, it will always cost us," said George.

As of today officials say 698 Texan soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Officials say the memorial wall will be updated at the end of next year.

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