Streets Of Speed: Brookside Drive

The speed limit on Brookside Drive is 30 mph. No sidewalks means pedestrians have to walk on the streets.

I found a hiding place and began clocking speeders. They were driving as fast as 42 mph.

"I have seen numerous wrecks at this corner," Wayne Boyd said.

He has lived at the corner of Brookside and Beechwood Drive for 28 years.

"Luckily, there's not been anyone killed at this corner," he said. "But there's no use waiting."

He and his neighbor of 25 years have tried to get City Council to put in a 4-way stop, but no success yet.

"I back out of my driveway," Tom Anderson said. "I have to be very careful 'cause sometimes they really come over that hill."

Anderson has seen his share of accidents, too -- in fact, one in his front yard.

"The car came out of that Beechwood, and a guy was coming down Brookside very fast, and he hit this fellow who came out this way," Anderson said. "He came up and under that guide wire by this telephone pole and hit this tree right here, or he would've hit my garage."

I decided to do an experiment, going right at the speed limit. Then I let go of the gas pedal as I topped the hill. If you don't hit the brakes, it's easy to go too fast. I accelerated up to 10 mph over the speed limit.

Another idea residents have come up with is putting in a speed bump. They say they're going to approach City Council again to try to get something done.

Julie Tam, reporting.