Banned Book Week

Reading the book "How To Eat Fried Worms" isn't allowed in some schools. It's one of the 100 most frequently challenged and banned books in the nation. Today at UT Tyler, students and faculty are reading banned books to celebrate freedom and knowledge. It's all a part of banned book week.

"It's a cultural thing. People are threatened and scared by obscenities, by subjects that are not natural to them, so they try to remove them from their lives,"says Laura Grace Dykes, a UT student.

Dykes says she was surprised to learn just how many classics have been censored at some point from our nations schools, particularly schools in Texas. Troup ISD banned "Driver's Ed" from it's elementary schools.

In Santa Fe, your child couldn't take Harry Potter books of the library shelf without parental permission.

White Oak ISD banned the book "Why Am I So Miserable If These Are The Best Years Of My Life" at their middle schools.

"The Green Book" was banned in Conroe and "Lord of the Flies" was banned in Austin. Other well known classics like "Of Mice and Men", "Tom Sawyer", and "Farenheight 451" -- a book about censorship and book banning -- have all been banned at some point. But they're all being read today at UT Tyler.

"I think we are becoming more open minded and losing grip of censorship," says Laura Grace.

She and others just hope banned book week closes the book on censorship forever.