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Texans get to know gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis


Texas Senator Wendy Davis announced her run for governor to cheers from Texas democrats.

"We are here because we care about Texans, we are here because we believe it's time for all Texans to have a voice in their future and a place in Texas' Future," Davis said Thursday at her campaign launch party in Fort Worth, TX.

Many people know Davis as the woman who filibustered for almost 11 hours on the Texas Senate floor this summer to temporarily block new restrictions on abortion. Now, Davis wants Texans to know she's not a one-issue candidate.

"Texas deserves a leader that understands that making education a priority creates good jobs for Texans and it keeps Texas on top. Texas deserves a leader who will fight this fight for our future," said Davis.

Davis got her high school diploma 32 years ago on the same stage where she announced her race for governor.

"By the time I was 19 I was already on my way to a divorce living in a tiny trailer with my daughter, Amber. I was barely making ends meet and sometimes they didn't," Davis said.

She also said she's where she is today because Texas made it possible for her to go to school.

"Our future is brightest when it's lit by everyone's star. That's why today I am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th Governor of this great state."

Davis hopes her light will help break an 18-year-long losing streak for democrats seeking statewide office in Texas.

Davis has raised a little more than $1 million for her campaign. She is the first democrat to make an official bid for governor.

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