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New TISD building to strengthen East Texas workforce


Did you actually use your college degree?

The new career and technology education building in Tyler is going to help kids figure out what they really want to do, according to school officials.

They say by encouraging student's career interests at a young age, some may choose not to go to college, but to instead, train for a career directly out of high school.

"We need skilled people in other vocational to keep this country going, to keep this city going," Gary Mooring, TISD Superintendent, said.

The new career and technology center will do just that and judging by the amount of construction in the area, the city is going.

"It elevates the whole effort of exposing students to career opportunities, that otherwise they wouldn't find out about until maybe four years," Tom Mullins, with The Tyler Economic Development Council, said.

According to Mullins, about three million jobs, this year, have gone unfilled in the US that require high end skill sets, not college degrees.

"Not every student is going to go to a four year bachelor degree, they may be looking at associate degrees or other technical programs," he said.

More than half of new jobs created don't require a college degree, according to Mullins.

Sixteen different programs will be held in the new building for both John Tyler and Robert E. Lee High School students. School officials say their goal is to dig into student's passions, to prepare them for the workforce.

"It's not just for the students it's also for the community because there's so many jobs here in the community," Mooring said.

He hopes the program will land students right back in East Texas.

"We hope it gives them skilled professionals coming out of high school preparing them , that they can hire immediately without having to look outside of East Texas. And we can keep our students right here and become part of the work force and citizens right here in Tyler, Texas," he said.

"We're putting all these building blocks in place that will be critical to Tyler growing economically for decades to come," Mullins said.

A building made for building careers in a growing city.

The new CT building will open in 2015 and will be used by both John Tyler High School students and Robert E. Lee High School students.

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