Two Volcanoes Could Erupt

In Washington State, seismologists are on alert this morning as earthquakes rock Mount Saint Helens. Plus the rumbling of the world's largest volcano, Mauna Loa in Hawaii shows no signs of stopping.

The last time Mount Saint Helens erupted was in May of 1980. During the eruption, a portion of the mountain was blown to pieces, 57 people were killed and as many as 700 earthquakes were recorded in one day.

In Hawaii, Mauna Loa hasn't erupted in 20 years. Now, there have been dozens of earthquakes felt and measured at Manau Loa. Now scientists say it leads them to believe Manau Loa will erupt they're just not sure when.

Experts say it's just a coincidence that Mauna Loa and Mount Saint Helens are both acting up because the two aren't scientifically linked in any way.