Gift of Love: D'Auntrae

Gift of Love: D'Auntrae

It was a fun afternoon for D' Auntrae and i at the tyler library singing patty cake. "D" as we call him for short is a 23 month old happy boy.  He is loving and affectionate.

"He knows people, he recognizes, he hears people and he pokes up and he hugs and he kisses and he is a delightful baby," foster mom and nurse Ginger Christiansen said.

D has a smile that will light up a room.  He gives hugs and kisses freely.  Also, he likes exploring his surroundings through touch.  D especially loves his sensory blanket.

"He loves music, and  you'll see him stop whatever he's doing and tilt his head he has headphones that he listens and he can hear well," Christiansen said.

D does have some delays and deals with seizures.

"He has speech therapy, he has occupational therapy, and he has physical therapy, he has blind services and he has a nutritionist," Christiansen said.

D is a miracle baby.  When D was born doctors didn't expect him to live and now he has made huge progress.  He can sit up, and there is good prognosis that he will walk one day. They are also working on oral feeding.

D is look for a forever family to call his own.

"A family that will love him every day for where his is now," Christiansen said.

The ideal family for D is one that is committed to working with his medical and nursing staff and also they must have an understanding of his developmental and medical needs.

"When he hear's you and he knows you he reaches up for you and then he takes grabs you by the neck and hugs you and he gives you a big kiss and he smiles and he loves peek a boo even though he can't see whether it's there are not. All he just knows it's there or it's not and it's fun." christiansen said.

D has lots of love to give and is looking for a family that can show him the Gift of Love.