Better East Texas: Veterans break through barriers at WWII memorial

Better East Texas: Veterans break through barriers at WWII memorial

(KLTV) - There was a great sight on the first day of the government shutdown when a group of World War II veterans essentially stormed the National World War II memorial that had been closed.

There were barriers in place around the entrance to the memorial because of the shutdown and the lack of staffing. While there were still some national park security personnel in the area, they did not prevent the vets, along with a group of congressman including Representative Louie Gohmert, from moving the barricades to allow the group, many in wheel chairs, to see the memorial.

What a contrast to what has been going on in Washington. The group of men and their families united one more time for a noble cause of advancing our country as they found a way to literally move the barriers that were before them. How can congress and the president, see the determination to find a solution to a problem from these aging heroes, sit back and let the government shutdown.

Blame rests with the democrats and republicans because there is no bridge between the parties, no sense of can-do no matter the personal cost. There is no spirit of service, only a spirit of division, but that spirit of service, unity and determination is exactly what these veterans demonstrated and what a shame for them to be put in that position, again.

It was a great display for all to see and a confirmation of why that World War II memorial exists. Our government has let us down, they have also let down members of this greatest generation, but thankfully they keep moving forward.

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