Better East Texas: Viewers give feedback regarding Ted Cruz

Better East Texas: Viewers give feedback regarding Ted Cruz

(KLTV) - I received a good amount of feedback on a recent commentary on the actions by Senator Ted Cruz. Most of the feedback was critical on my commentary and my opinion that Senator Cruz was hampering progress and elevating his own political dreams.

Grant M. writes: "Using your platform to slam Ted Cruz and insinuate his recent actions are more to do with political ambitions than his desire to stop dangerous policy in Washington, is classless and petty. Further collaboration with the "establishment", as you advocate, has gotten this country into the mess it is in. A lot of patriots appreciate Cruz' stand against the "vanilla" acquiescence you advocate. Your insinuations that his actions are just politically motivated misses the frustration many Texans (and Americans) feel regarding the self serving politicians who make up most of both parties in Washington and denigrates their feelings of frustration by attacking a champion who is willing to stand up to the establishment you are so willing to support. Thanks Grant."

We will have to see where the actions by Senator Cruz and the rest of Congress take our country. I think it is safe to say that most Americans are disappointed in their government and that should be message enough. And I truly appreciate the feedback, even when it is critical, so don't hold back – Grant didn't.

Feedback, dialogue and healthy debate strengthen our country and makes for a Better East Texas.

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