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It would be very helpful if you are going to promote these opinions of yours, that you would at least make a slight effort in being informed about the issues. I am a vaper and using e-cigs allowed me to quick smoking cigarettes after 40 years where all other efforts failed.

You implied that there is no studies regarding the safety of e-cigs while in fact there are several that have analyzed the ingredients and found them to be several hundred times safer than the chemicals found in cigarettes.

It was also very disgusting to hear you parrot the liberal talking points that because of the flavoring involved meant that kids were being targeted. This is absurd. The reason flavors are being used is because adults actually enjoy them too. Pleasant flavors are not limited to children. Do you ever enjoy fruits, candies, or dessert flavors?

If you would like to actually learn about the issues instead of just promoting regulations for the sake of issuing regulation you can spend a few minutes at this site It is a consumer advocate group for the vaping community and will provide you with links to actual studies and other information that will certainly enlighten you beyond your current lack of knowledge on this issue.

Thank you,

Gary Stegall