Presidential Cookie Cook-Off

Oatmeal chocolate chunk or pumpkin spice. One cookie from Laura Bush, the other from Teresa Heinz-Kerry. Both recipes were published in Family Circle Magazine as a part of the presidential cookie cook-off. The winner of the Family Circle Magazine cookie cook-off has always won the White house. So who do East Texans think makes the better cookie?

"I like the chocolate. I am a choco-holic, so I like it better."

"I don't like pumpkin, but it tastes very good and moist ."

"What do you think of that cookie?"

"It's better. I like it better than the pumpkin."

"What do you think of it?"


Once all the votes were cast, the oatmeal chocolate chunk won the election with a landslide victory, earning 70 percent of the vote. The pumpkin spice only got 30 percent of the vote. So who made the winning cookie?

"Had to be Laura Bush."


"Because it seems like a Republican cookie."

He was right. Laura Bush made the oatmeal chocolate chunk, but not everyone figured that out.

"What if I told you that was Mrs. Bush's recipe?"

"She has great taste. She is a good cook."

"Who do you think made the pumpkin?"

"No idea."

"Who do you hope made the pumpkin?"

"Mrs. Bush."

"You are wrong."

"It better be Laura."

"Well, you voted for Laura and George."

"Is the cookie going to sway your vote?"


But does this cookie victory mean 4 more years for President Bush?

"Very interesting. I hope this happens."

"I wouldn't bet on it."

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...