A New "Vision" For Tyler's Future

Quality of life, education, and community leadership; items targeted in a new project for the city of Tyler.
It's called "Vision 2010" and will lay out detailed plans of how to make the city better. 
New businesses are popping up across the city, and the population is rising. Community leaders believe it's time to make a new plan to deal with the growth.
"If we don't stay up and we don't talk about the infrastructure needs, we get behind," said President of the Economic Development Council, Tom Mullins. "We will have chaotic growth and we're hoping to manage those so it's happening in a more organized fashion."
A task force of 155 community leaders will address the city's quality of life, education, infrastructure, economy and leadership.
Tyler is among one of the fastest growing cities in the state according to recent studies. From 2000 to 2003,the city's population grew on average by 1.7 percent a year.
From 1994 to 2003, more than 5,000 permits were issued for new residential buildings in the city.
"The growth is good news because it tends to benefit our business sector, and other parts of the economy, but it also causes some challenges," said Mullins.
A consultant firm analyzing the city's strengths and weaknesses found strengths include the labor pool, diversity, and Tyler's role as regional growth center. Weaknesses include transportation, school facilities, and a difficulty in retaining manufacturing jobs.
The "Vision 2010" task force brainstormed challenges Monday for each issue and strategies to fix them.
The task force will meet 3 more times this year, developing and implementing ways to improve the city of Tyler in the next 10 years.
The group is recognized across different levels of city and county government and has followed through with its plans in years past.
In 1994, "Vision 2000" was created. It developed the expansion of Loop 49, the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport and the creation of the skills training center at Tyler Junior College.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com