WWII Vet Has Dying Wish To Find His Estranged Son

Mart Gordon was diagnosed with liver cancer just a few months ago. The 87 year old says he's lived a good life, but with one regret. He hasn't seen his only son Tony for 26 years, and he wants to connect with him one last time.

A homemade oil painting is the only picture Mart has of his son. Tony was born while Mart was serving in WWII. Mart and Tony's mother divorced soon after. His son lived with his mother and the two lost touch until 26 years ago when Tony came for a visit.

Now confined to his bed, Mart remembers every detail of that last visit. "I gave him a leather jacket and slipped him a $100 bill in his shirt and I haven't seen him since. I just want to see him before I die," says Mart.

Tony Gordon is now 61 years old. The last time Mart had contact with Tony, he says he was living in Odessa, Texas.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com