Better East Texas: Ted Cruz not having the impact he desires

Better East Texas: Ted Cruz not having the impact he desires

(KLTV) - Texas Senator Ted Cruz delivered a filibuster speech in an effort to slow down Obamacare.

He indicated the marathon speech on the floor of the senate was to have an impact by defunding portions of the Affordable Heathcare Act, but ultimately, the filibuster will not have the impact Senator Cruz desired. Ted Cruz is the first term senator from the Lone Star State and while he seems to have noble motives, his approach has not been effective.

In fact, it has probably hampered the work of the republicans in the senate and they have let Senator Cruz know it. He has little support outside of a few other tea party aligned senators and the solo filibuster really positioned him as a stand out, but again, not necessarily in a good way. His approach to winning the battle in Washington is akin to a single player going up against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on the football field – it is a guaranteed loss.

Senator Cruz has to work through the establishment, like it or not, to get things done. He was elected by Texans to make a difference in Washington, but to be smart about it. Now, Senator Cruz also seems to have aspirations of running for president as he has participated in several opportunities outside of Texas to speak about the ills in the nation's capitol. I don't believe Texans voted for him to use his time in office to start a campaign for president. In any case, Senator Cruz needs to build a larger base of allies if he is truly going to make a difference.

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