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Hundreds of volunteers making big changes in E. Texas communities

An iServe volunteer works on a recent project. An iServe volunteer works on a recent project.

"I don't think that God just wants us to meet every Sunday, have worship service and then go home; I just don't think that is all we are called to do," said pastor Eric Love of New Birth Fellowship Church in Kilgore.

So, Pastor Love created iServe.

"Why not meet at the church and then go out and be the church and go out and serve?" he asked.

Pastor Love said iServe is a movement that now has around 400 volunteers that meet several times a year to work on projects around their community. They give volunteers cards to take out into their community so they can identify potential projects.

"A lot of times we don't realize what we have until we go out and we give something. A lot of times we complain about our lives, our problems and this and that and the other, but a lot of that could be remedied if we go out and we help somebody else. A lot of times we will find that not only do we have more than we thought we had, but somebody that we think we are going to help, will be helping us," said iServe coordinator, Kimberly Clivens.

Pastor Love said the group tackles all sorts of projects from construction to singing at nursing homes. He said if the community says there is a need, then they are there.

David Hampton is Kilgore's Habitat for Humanity Executive Director and said these volunteers have made a huge difference.

"They have allowed us to do things that there is no way we could have done without the help and so it's just been a Godsend to you know, have iServe as people that you can call on," Hampton explained.

"The goal is to, that other churches will catch on the vision and other churches in their respective cities will take the idea, will take the movement, and they will start doing the same things in their cities," Love explained.

Love said if this movement continues to grow, there is no telling how many people's lives can be changed.

Clivens said their next iServe project will be on Sunday, September 29. They are still looking for two more community projects to complete and they are always looking for volunteers.

For more information about iServe, you can check out New Birth Fellowship's web site by clicking here. They also have information on their Facebook page. If you are interested in volunteering or have a project suggestion, you may also contact Clivens at 903-830-0310.

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