Gift of Love: Katelynn, Jared and Kristina

(KLTV) - Katelynn, Jared and Kristina are in for a treat.  Today we are making pizzas with KLTV's resident chef, Mama Steph!  All three kids had fun picking out their ingredients and making their own culinary creations.

These three children have been through a lot.  They came from a big family and have lost contact with a lot of them and so they are the only family they have left.

Katelynn is the oldest sibling in this group and is 15 years old. Katelynn is your typical teenager, who enjoys shopping, talking on the phone, and dressing up. She also likes movies. The scary ones!

"I like horror movies; as long as they are good, they are ok," Katelynn said.

She also enjoys reading and writing, and believe it or not, she loves school and hopes to be a veterinarian some day.

"My favorite thing about school math," Katelynn said.

As for her forever family, she says quality time is very important to her.

"All I really look forward to is spending time with them," Katelynn said.

Next in line is 14-year-old Jared. Jared likes cars and hanging out with his friends and playing sports.

"I like football, wide receiver, quarterback and basketball shooting guard and small forward," Jared said.
He also enjoys computer games and robotics. Jared is very technological and does well taking things apart and putting them back together.

As for his favorite foods, "I like pizza, some burgers, ice cream," Jared said. Pepperoni pizza and chocolate ice cream are his favorites.

He hopes to be placed with this sisters in a forever home soon. "Because I love my sisters," Jared said.

Then there is the youngest, 12-year-old Kristina, and she loves school.
"I like going to math and choir," Kristina said.
Kristina is currently taking pre-AP math and pre-AP science.  As for her future, she hopes to become a veterinarian, just like her sister.

"I love being around animals because they keep me calm and I want to help them," Kristina said.

In her free time, Kristina likes to be creative.

"I like to read and write songs and I like to draw sometimes and color," Kristina said.

These siblings have come a long way during their two years in foster care, and the progress will continue for all of them with the stability of a permanent home.  They are in need of a family who understands they did not have a lot of guidance when they were younger.  They look forward to the day when they can find their forever family, a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

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