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Cases of whooping cough still on the rise in Texas


Health officials are warning Texans to be aware of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, which is still on still on the rise in Texas. Many associate it with small children, but it's actually the adults who spread pertussis to young children.

It's often accompanied by fever, a rash, and a whooping-like cough.

As of Tuesday, in September alone there have been seven cases of pertussis in East Texas. Last month, there were 11.

At Northeast Texas Public Health, officials are urging people to get vaccinated, especially adults.

The immunization director at Northeast Texas Health says she is surprised at the high number of cases she has seen this year in East Texas.

"A lot of pertussis, as a matter of fact I didn't realize there was so much pertussis until we started doing the investigation and it's all year round too, I mean it's just it's always there, and now that school is starting back up again, yes, they all getting back together again, so everybody needs to be protected," Sylvia Warren, the Director of Immunizations, said.

In 2009, pertussis cases were the highest they had been since the 1950s, in the US. In 2012, there were 2,218 cases in Texas. So far this year, the number has already surpassed that: 2,369 cases.

Two deaths have also been reported in Texas. Both were children too young to be vaccinated.

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