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Rusk County Family All In Law Enforcement

      A Rusk county family is keeping the profession of law enforcement a family affair.  Tony Eastman couldn't get away from law enforcement if she wanted to, the 14 year dispatcher for the Henderson police department has kept law enforcement very much all in the family.

    "My husband is a fire Marshall for Gregg county and my 2 sons are deputies in Rusk and Upshur county," says Eastman.

      It's an unusual situation, they all work for different east Texas departments, and talks around the Eastman home at dinner time can be different as well.

    "A lot of our conversation is about law enforcement because that's what we do, that's what we're all familiar with," she says.

   They all work different shifts which makes seeing one another outside of work difficult. Like all mothers , Eastman worries about her kids, particularly in their line of work.

    "Since I was little I wanted to be in law enforcement Rusk county, far back as I can remember," say Rusk county deputy Brandon Davis, Eastmans' son.

    But the arrangment does keep her close to her family, and for obvious reasons she talk to them every day.

   "I talk to my kids every day.  We're in the position where we know we may not get to talk to them tomorrow," she says.

Bob Hallmark reporting. 

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