Thousands of pot plants found in field

Officials in Shelby County found a field of marijuana plants they estimate is worth a million dollars.  It's the kind of discovery legends are made of.  Maegan Prejean has been in Shelby County following the leads to learn more about this ongoing investigation.  She'll show you the discovery and explain what's next.

Wait until you hear the 911 call from a man who survived trying to outrun a wildfire.  His survival is amazing and so is the dedication of the 911 operator who helped save him.  It's a story from Arkansas that's sure to touch hearts here at home.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is super tickled about the cooler temperatures.  He loves delivering good news!  Watch tonight at 10 for his new forecast.  He'll let you know if you can expect the trend to continue or if this is just a temporary reprieve.