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3 Acres Burned In Grass Fire

High winds caused problems for firefighters in Lindale Sunday stuck battling a three acre grass fire. The fire broke out just before 3 p.m. on a piece of land near I-20 just South of Hide-a-Way Lake.

Firefighters spent more than two hours battling the blaze, which they believe was started by a cigarette. Wind and heavy brush made getting to the fire difficult, but the crew was able to put it out. They say fires like this one can be avoided if everyone takes a few simple precautions.

"People just need to be careful, watch what they are doing, don't burn when the wind is blowing, when you are driving down the interstate if you smoke in the car put the cigarette out in the car-- don't be throwing the butts out on the side of the road,"  said Joe Yeakley, Assistant Fire Chief, Lindale.

Firefighters say at least one home was in jeopardy when they arrived. They were able to stop the flames about 50 feet from the home.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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