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7 from 7: Stories for your (beautiful) Monday afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone! We hope you're enjoying this exceptionally gorgeous first-full-day-of-fall weather today.

Here are some stories of interest for you to peruse this afternoon:

1. Had to share this one, simply because the headline was too unusual NOT to: Your Week In History: Short papacies and Nixon's love of dogs. You know you want to read that; here's the link.

2. On Friday evening, authorities responded to a fatal accident involving four vehicles on Interstate 20 in Smith County. west of US 271. Today authorities released the identity of the man killed in the tragic accident. The man was a resident of Monroe, LA.


3. Five-year-old Alannah Poullard told President Barack Obama she needed an excuse for missing kindergarten while she visited the White House with her father and mother, a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict who was being honored for her service along with a group of other Wounded Warriors. The president obliged, and White House photographer Pete Souza snapped the moment and tweeted the photo, which has gone viral.

4. One study says that Texas shoppers will pay more for meat, especially chicken, in the coming months. You won't believe what drives the price up for chicken this time of year...but if you like tailgating, you're part of the cause. Read more here.

5. This sunset just proves again how beautiful East Texas is, and I wanted to share it with you. This was taken in Athens by a viewer named Will. (you can submit photos to us, too, at sendit@kltv.com)

6. Three more East Texas counties dropped their burn bans today: Wood, Gregg, and Cherokee. Click here for the complete list of remaining burn  bans. Make sure to use caution, still, if you do choose to burn, even though these bans have been lifted.

7. Hundreds of Texans are giving online accounts of seeing a massive bright ball of light streak across the nighttime sky. We had some emails from some of you reporting it, and today a scientist explains what you likely saw. Click here to read his explanation.

Here's the link to our livestream on KLTV.com so that you can watch us live at 4, 5, and 6 this evening. Make sure to watch for Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto's forecast for the rest of your week; all good news, I believe!

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer

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