East Texas Marines Come Home

They saw both death and destruction from the war in Iraq.. But now their job overseas is over, a 3 East Texas marines are back home for good. Discharged from the marines and back from tours in Iraq and Kuwait, 23 year old Brian Jones, 23 year old Joshua Foster and 23 year old Jacob High have come home knowing that they have helped set in motion the start of democracy, and bring home memories of the good that is happening in Iraq.

Like all war and police actions, they saw the ugliness of war... But gained strength in what they were doing was right, and through each other. All feel the news coverage was unfair, and want people state-side to know the job the military did was worth it.

"I everywhere we went we were greeted by young people and old people they loved having us there and said god bless you and thank you for being here" says Foster.

"We say some bad things there but i can't even imagine what it would be like had we not gone, and helped clean this mess up" says Jones.

"I hope when people look back at what we did that they will remember that we gave our best , that's all they can be asked" says High.

Jones and Foster are looking for careers in law enforcement while High is planning on returning to college.