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Local police explain reasons for increase in crime rates


Police departments are offering some insight into the crime statistics recently released by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

We first showed you the numbers on Thursday, which are gathered by local law enforcement and then sent to the FBI.

The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program divides crimes into two categories: violent crimes and property crimes.

According to this data, the City of Longview saw an increase in both violent crimes and property crimes.

We asked if there is one specific area that seems to really be growing.

"Certainly identity theft. People need to be very aware of their identity, check their credit scores, make sure they are doing everything possible to not become a victim of identity theft," said Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian.

Jacksonville's Chief of Police said they have had a lot of drug enforcement over the past year, which has probably attributed to the decrease in violent crimes in the area.

He said many times the economy is partly to blame for the increase in property crimes.

It is something Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department agrees with.

"If people are out of work or just feel like they need to steal versus working, and sometimes our property crimes do go up," Martin said.

According to this data, property crimes did go up in Tyler.

"Sometimes when you have some people that are getting out of prison or out of jail and they are career criminals... that's how they make their living, by stealing. Then, we will see the numbers go up. If you've got someone out there pulling a lot of auto burglaries... this year we have had quite a few auto burglaries. Again, until we are able to catch them, and get them put away, those numbers are going to increase," Martin said.

Tyler police said their statistics do differ slightly from these released by the FBI, but not enough to change the fact that they did have an increase in violent crimes.

However, even with that increase, Officer Martin said he is not too concerned.

"There is nothing there that is a huge, enormous jump in anything that would say 'Wow, what has happened here?'"

But still, it is an increase, and Tyler police said through the several arrests they have made, they hope they are sending out a clear message.

 "If you commit a homicide, we are going to find you, we are going to arrest you, and can do life or get a death penalty. Hopefully they will think twice before they pull the trigger again," Martin said.

To get the statistics for your city, just click here.

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