Better East Texas: Texas textbook debate

Better East Texas: Texas textbook debate

(KLTV) - The pressure is on the State Board of Education as they approach making a decision on state approved textbooks for our students.

It seems like a pretty straight forward task but the board is previewing science textbooks. Protests and debates have emerged on what should and shouldn't be included in the textbooks. Some liberal critics make the point that science books should not include references to a Divine Creator as an option for the earth's beginning. Others demand that there be no reference to scientists that are critical of the existence of global warming. Conservatives want these and other topics included at least as options in the books.

Schools ultimately get to pick for themselves so some textbooks will look different on these points than those in other districts. In my lifetime, we have essentially removed references of God from schools. At the same time, things have happened in schools that are shocking. Who knows if there is a connection, many other things have changed as well, but most parents would agree that discipline is not what it once was and educating our children is more challenging than ever.

As far as the inclusion or exclusion of some of these polarizing topics, critics should not be opposed to including them in the text books. And if, in their mind, they are topics that are easily proven false, where is the threat? Ultimately parents must know what their children are exposed to in and out of the classroom, and only then can responsible teaching really take place.

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