Freedom Fighters: Ned Smith

One of the most dangerous jobs in any war is neutralizing land mines, but for a kid who had worked in the coal mines since he was 13, facing the danger of explosive mines was just part of the days' work. Ned Smith ws only 18 when he went into the army in 1943. Assigned to the "Explosive Ordinance Disposal," Smith neutralized mines throughout France, Chekoslavakia, Austria and Germany, as World War II raged about him. Smith received a bronze star for rescuing one of his crew who had stepped on a mine. Although Smith saw death daily, what he experienced at the Dakota Jewish Extermination Camp is as real today as it was 60 years ago. He still can't understand how one human being can treat another human being so inhumanely.

Ned Smith is proud to have served his country. He says his reward has been coming back home to his wife and family.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.