Better East Texas: Miss America's talent gets people talking

Better East Texas: Miss America's talent gets people talking

(KLTV) - How quickly our country is changing. It is one thing for politicians to be held responsible for statements made in the past, but this year we have seen celebrities, Paula Dean for one, be essentially ruined for what she said twenty years ago.

Now comes the next chapter and it is the storm surrounding the Miss America Pageant where the winner, Miss New York, has been roasted in social media for her talent selection which was a Bollywood dance, honoring her Indian heritage. Keep in mind, Miss America is a citizen of the United States, born and raised here, but the fact that she chose this culture honoring talent has ignited a firestorm on Facebook and Twitter criticizing her for this supposed "un American" dance, even going as far as to call her a terrorist.

I am certain that the Miss America talent competition has seen numerous talent presentations that included songs, dances or something that honored other cultures. Additionally, this year's winner has also had to explain some comments that she either made or was present when the comments were made that called another contestant fat.

The bottom line is that the prevalence of social media and the mainstream media's openness for these types of stories are a set up for bad things happening in the future. All it takes is for a small number of critics to get virally vocal to cause a national stir. Social media invites expression, but when that expression is saturated with hate, it becomes destructive. There is no other solution besides common decency – we need more of it and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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