Pet Fair A Big Hit For East Texas Kids

The Pollard United Methodist Church says it's one of the events they look forward to the most! The Pet Fair today was made up of birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, even lizards! Kids got to touch, pet and hug the friendly animals.

"My favorite dog was that one over there with the guy in the brown shirt... It was blonde just like (my dog) only with more fur," says 4 year old Avery Wintters as she fights to hold the leash around the neck of her 80 pound dog.

5 1/2 year old Landon Walker says, "I saw a gazillion dogs and one fish--some cats...and that's all!"

The pets in the fair are actually the family pets of each of the children. Organizers says it's a way for all the kids in the church to get to know each other better.

Christine Nelson reporting.