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During burn ban, ETX left without a way to destroy trash: 'It's inconvenient'


Burn bans are still in effect across East Texas, and those who normally burn their trash, aren't able to do so.

East Texans in rural areas who don't have city trash pick ups are now having to find alternative ways to pick up their trash.

"The current burn ban and court order prohibits any type of outdoor activity that could generate a spark and that includes burning your trash," said Jim Seaton, the Smith County Fire Marshal.

According to the fire marshal, 10 wildfires have been started from lit brush piles and nine fires have started from escaped fires.

"Escaped fires is probably going to be somebody burning in a burn barrel and has escaped from that burn barrel," Seaton said.

The burn ban has now left people like Bud Boney, who used to burn his trash, stuck.

"Sometimes it's a little inconvenient to wait on a burn ban, but I do," said Boney.

Boney lives with a pile of trash in his back yard, but he has contracted with a trash service to get his garbage.

"Craig Dobbs picks my trash up every Monday morning," Boney said. "I got a contract with him for the year and that's for my household trash. It's very convenient."

The fire marshal says there are two options that residents in rural areas have to dispose of their bags of trash.

"They can take them to a sanitary land fill or contract with a private company to carry them off," Seaton said.

Fire Marshal Seaton says Smith County has lost over 516 acres and two residential structures in this wildfire season.

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