Wife Speaks In Mount Vernon Missing Persons Case

An East Texas woman is speaking out for the first time to a local audience in a case where her husband embezzled money and disappeared with the couples' three children. In a case that's received national attention, 27 year old James Eric Emery of Mount Vernon, disappeared with his three children almost a month ago. He's also accused of taking more than $160,000 from his employer, a bank.

For James Eric Emery's wife, 26 year old Joey, the past four weeks have been agonizing.  She's waiting and hoping to hear some news of her three children.

"I feel like my soul has just been ripped out and stomped on, along with my heart," says Joey.

Married to her high school sweetheart for eight years, she's at a loss for why James Emery would embezzle money from the bank where he worked and vanish with their children. Joey says he was a good husband, and he never gave her any indication he would do anything like this.

"You have all these horrible thoughts, maybe they're at the bottom of the lake, I didn't know, I just didn't believe when they told me he took money from the bank, I thought that can't be Eric," she says.

Despite alleged sightings of Emery, the whereabouts of he and his children remain a mystery.

"Currently, we're chasing all the leads and working with the different networks with missing children programs going, we're not giving up, we're looking for him and we're going to find him," said Franklin County Sheriff Charles White.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

Bob Hallmark reporting.