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Strangers come together to save ETX man's life

Accident on 5th Street in Tyler Accident on 5th Street in Tyler

Three strangers said they worked together to save an East Texas man's life.

Around 9:45 Wednesday morning, police said 82-year-old Scottie Stockton suffered a medical incident behind the wheel, causing him to hit another vehicle on Fifth Street, near Tyler Junior College.

Richard Hardin said he was sitting in the passenger seat of his friend's car, when they Stockton headed right for them.

"I looked over to my left and there was a car just rolling towards us," Hardin said.

Hardin said their cars collided, but he said he did not see anyone behind the wheel.

"I ran around there and saw a gentleman slumped over into the passenger floorboard. The doors were locked so I tried to find something to break open the window," Hardin explained.

Hardin said someone ran up with a sledgehammer, which he used to break into the car and get to Stockton.

"I pulled him up and laid him back in the seat, reclined the seat, then opened the back door, did the head tilt neck lift, Red Cross procedures that I learned years ago in the Civil Air Patrol and kept getting more training when I was in the Marine Corps.

Hardin said he started mouth to mouth as two other women took turns doing chest compressions.

"I would check for a pulse. We still doing compressions, she would do some I would do some he was steady breathing," Schwanda Moaning explained.

Moaning said she has worked in childcare for about 20 years, and this was the first time she ever had to use her CPR training.

"I thought I was going to be a little bit rusty but, it came back to me," Moaning said.

Misty Gallaway who also ran over to help, said she learned CPR years ago when she started babysitting, but like Moaning, never had to use it.

"It's been like twenty years and I've never had to use it, but it all comes back to you," she said.

Hardin said he was in a hurry to get out of town, but now realizes he was in the right place at the right time.

"We caught a red light on the way over there and some woman was having a hard time parallel parking and I was like hurry up and then you don't realize if any one of those things didn't happen, I would have been well passed it or not have been there at the immediate time. The timing is kind of interesting," Hardin said. 

Now, these East Texas heroes just hope they will be able to shake the hand of the man they all came together to save.

Stockton is listed in critical condition at a Tyler hospital.

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