Student talks about traumatic bus experience

We continue to bring you the story of a bus full of students in Longview who ended up walking home after their bus driver reportedly kicked them off for not behaving.  At 6, we gave you a chance to hear from the man who first reported seeing the kids walking in the road. Tonight at 10, you'll hear from a student who was on that bus.  He's sharing his take on what happened in a new report.

Are you ready for lower temperatures?  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto says that's something you can look forward to.  As far as exactly how much cooler you can expect it to be goes, you'll have to watch Mark at 10 as he presents his new forecast.  That's when he'll let you know what to expect from the weather where you live.

Wait until you see the story Coleman has for tonight's sports segment.  It tells the tale of how a local school makes football dreams come true for boys who haven't always had the easiest lives.