Viewer Response

I disagree with Pat Stacey's opinion on George Zimmerman! I agree with the verdict, I agree that George Zimmerman may not have been innocent, but there was not evidence to prove him guilty. As far as him still in the spot light, I blame the media!!!!

Zimmerman still has a life to live, and he is doing things like millions of other Americans are and the media is following his every move. I went through a separation and divorce with confrontations and issues similar to his. I have been stopped for speeding and other minor traffic violations. I have never been hounded by the media following my every move. I agree he should try to keep his nose clean. But, if his wife and others keep making up lies and false accusations, what is he suppose to do. The media needs to give him the same attention they would me or any other average Joe unless he is truly found to be guilty of a major illegal act.

Mart H.