Flash Flood Warning

With Tropical Storm Ivan nearing the Louisiana coast, thunderstorms could be headed to East Texas.

The Lufkin Police Department has issued an advisory for motorists not to drive because of the widespread flooding.

Several roads are closed due to flooding near Memorial Hospital and Gaslight Boulevard. Some vehicles in those areas were completely submerged and authorities are telling people to use extreme caution.

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days. Lufkin authorities aren't preparing for a disaster, but they do want you to be prepared for tornadic weather.

You should take normal safety precautions, like keeping a flashlight and extra food handy. The safest place to be during a tornado is in the lowest level of your home. If you're in a mobile home, get out and find a safer place to be.

Lufkin Fire Chief Pete Prewitt says, "We are expecting a couple of inches of rain from a front approaching from the Northwest. So we could have water in addition to what Ivan brings."

If you see a tornado, get away from it as quickly as possible; don't try to get a closer look at it.

Thanks to KTRE.