'Showtime' offense in Whitehouse

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Step on the field in Whitehouse, and it's showtime.

"We believe that we have a good enough offense to score everytime," said receiver Jaylon Dews.

"We are trying to score every time and put up as many points as we can," said quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is the star of the Wildcat offense.

His 1,235 yards, through three games, leads the state of Texas.

The Wildcats are averaging a staggering 53 points per game and are ranked #5 in class 4A with a perfect 3-0 record.

"The defense can try to take away one guy, and you just kill them with another," said Mahomes. "You make the defense make choices and you know that more than likely you are going to come out on top."

And like all good shows, the supporting cast, is key.

Mahomes mans the offense with some of the best receivers in East Texas.

All are ready to take the co-star role in any given game.

"Usually every week there is going to be a different receivers that shines," said receiver Coleman Patterson, who had 7 catches for 203 yards and 3 TD's against Sulphur Springs.
Patterson continued, "Last week it was Jake Parker (8 catches, 172  yards, 2 TD's against Chapel Hill) who had a big week and this past week it was big for me, every week there is someone going to go big."

"There are too many weapons, you choose one and someone else is going to eat," said Jaylon Dews (12 catches the last two games), you have to choose something and pick your poison."

And Mahomes isn't picky.

Whatever you choose, whoever you choose to cover, you lose.

"You can throw it to anyone on the field and they are going to make plays for you. When you are the quarterback of the team, knowing you don't have to do everything yourself it's great, all you do it put it in their hands and they make alot happen," said Mahomes.

"Of course we all want to get touches, but we all want to see the team succeed and win, we all have a goal of state in mind, so whatever helps the team win that is what we are all shooting for," said Patterson.

"No matter how many points they score," said Jake Parker,  "I think we can outscore anyone."

It's a show, worth the price of admission.

The Wildcats play thier first home game on Friday, when they host Marshall.

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