Guinness ad breaks stereotype, touches hearts of millions

Guinness ad breaks stereotype, touches hearts of millions

(KLTV) - It's not often that a beer commercial really touches your heart, but a new ad for Guinness does just that.

Dedication, loyalty, friendship - a group of friends playing basketball would not usually be considered a new direction for male-centered advertising. It is the message that this group of friends offers to viewers that sets it apart from the rest.

Six friends bond over a game of wheelchair basketball. They are aggressive, sweat dripping as they pass the ball and sink shots, all while seated in a wheelchair.

"You guys are getting better at this," encourages one man.

Suddenly, five men stand up and walk away from their wheelchairs. One man is left in a wheelchair, still pumped up from the intense game he just played. Only this man uses a wheelchair in his day-to-day life, but instead of being forced to watch from the sidelines, his friends join him in wheelchairs.

Everyone may take a different message away from this commercial, but all will probably question what they have done for someone else lately. Who knows - the commercial may even change the way we treat those we see as different. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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