Man Claims He Witnessed Police Beating In Mineola

An alleged police beating under investigation, now one man has come forward, saying he witnessed it all.
August 10th, 38-year-old Jerry Pogue was taken into custody by the Mineola Police Department. Pogue's attorney said Pogue was beaten and hospitalized for 13 days, ten of those in ICU. He claims 7 officers were involved.
The witness, longtime Mineola businessman Tom Mann spoke to KLTV on Thursday.
"I was certain we witnessed a homicide," said Mann.
On the night of August 10th, Tom Mann brought his wife to dinner at the Pizza Hut next door to the Mineola police station. Sitting in a booth by the window, Tom said they became witnesses to a crime committed by police officers.
"A man was pulled out that was handcuffed. Never during any time did I see him offer any kind of resistance... When they got him out of the car, they pushed him very hard face down into the concrete."
"They kicked, stomped punched, and just literally tortured this man for I'd say 40 minutes," Mann said.
Tom said three other officers came from inside the police station and began to hit Jerry Pogue. He said he watched as the officers hogtied Pogue.
"I can't get out of my mind is the police tying his legs and his arms further and then lifting him up off the ground and then dropping him and then him being motionless from that point on," said Mann. "Someone came from the police department with some sort of device to try to resuscitate him.
Mineola Police Chief Jason Shanks said he could not speak to KLTV on camera, but did issue a press release:

"... Mr. Pogue refused to exit the police car and the officer present called for back-up..."
"... Because of this continued lack of cooperation with police officers, the officers on the scene applied pepper spray. He was then removed from the car."
"...Mr. Pogue apparently suffered an adverse reaction to the spray, causing him to have difficulty breathing. The police officers on the scene immediately sought emergency care for Mr. Pogue; He was eventually transported to Tyler."

Tom Mann said what he saw is very different from what the police chief told KLTV.
"Officers would stop, back off and then all of a sudden they would just start again like a frenzy," Mann said.
Tom said he came forward with his story because he is still shaken by what he saw that night and doesn't want it to happen again.
"Anything that we can do to see that those officers that participated in that do not work in law enforcement again ever, I don't believe they should," he said.
Mineola city officials said the officers in question have been temporarily reassigned to desk jobs until the Texas Rangers complete their investigation into Jerry Pogue's case.
KLTV spoke to Jerry Pogue's attorney by phone Thursday. He said it is still early and no lawsuit has been filed against the city of Mineola, yet.

Maya Golden reporting,