The strange, the odd, the unbelievable

The strange, the odd, the unbelievable

The new 2014 Guinness World Record book features everything from a skateboarding goat to someone who collects vacuum cleaners.

The big, the small, the weird...this peculiar group of people can do it all. Leilani Franco holds three contortionist titles in the newest edition of the book including the fastest human backbend walk. Ouch.

"Whenever I'm at a party my friends are always like 'Leilani, do a trick show'," says Franco.

She may be a human with a strange record, but apparently goats can hold world records too. Just take it from a goat named Happie who can skateboard farther than any other goat. Happie's owner says she has become somewhat of a diva after earning the title.

The goat diva doesn't hold a candle to a fire-breathing dragon created by a German engineering company. The blazing creature is the world's largest walking robot.

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