Disaster Relief Team Ready For Third Trip To Florida

Over the past five weeks, the men and women of the East Texas disaster relief team have traveled twice to Florida, serving over 1-million hot meals a week to hurricane victims. Collectively these concerned citizens have logged over 6-thousand miles in the two trips to and from Florida.

"Alot of the people are saying, 'What are we doing wrong?' -- they're not doing anything wrong, it's just the forces of nature," says Mike Brittain of the East Texas disaster relief team.

They're ready to do it again, stocking water and supplies for wherever they're needed next.

"Speak a word to people and let them know that they're not alone, they do have help," says team leader, Jerry Don Jones.

They've seen first hand the desperate aftermath of hurricanes, agonized over leaving Florida and known that more misery was on the way.

"We couldn't wait to the last minute to pull out and so we would have to leave ahead of schedule and it really hurt them to see us leave," Brittain says.

Many have taken time off of their jobs to help the needy in Florida.

"Well, when the call comes we make arrangements to go, we have people who are contractors and can get away from their work, we some retired," says Jones.

Bob Hallmark reporting.