Gift of Love: Shyenne, Shelley, Samuel and Shawnna

Shyenne, Shelley, Samuel. and Shawnna all hope to find a forever family together.

Shyenne is the oldest of this sibling group.  She loves art class.

"Color and draw,"Shyenne said.

Shyenne likes to draw all sorts of animals, but she has her favorites.

"Horses, cows, animals," Shyenne said.

Shyenne's favorite color is pink!

As for her three wishes, "be back with my brothers and sisters and live with them again," Shyenne said.

And Shyenne says she doesn't even want a third wish, just hoping her first two work out.  It's extremely important to her to have all four of them back together.

Shelley is next in line. She loves to play outside.

"Swing or play on the playground," Shelley said.

In the school setting shelley loves social studies and is doing great in school.  When it comes to her forever family she hopes they like to be active!

"bowling, gymnastics, swimming," Shelley said.

She also hopes to find a home that will take all four them.

"That Shawnna, Samuel and Shyenne will always be with me," Shelley said.

Then you have the only boy of the bunch, Samuell.  He's very protective of his sisters. When asked, "What makes you happy?"  He quickly replies, "Everything!"

"I like to play Batman, play Iron Man, play Thor which is the strongest, play Hulk. Play all that stuff," Samuell said.

Can you tell he likes super heroes?

As for his favorite food, "Italian," Samuell said.

Tops the list. But when it comes to dessert...the list is a lot longer.

"Pudding, ice cream, banana split, pie, pineapples, wait not pineapples," Samuel said laughing.

Then there's the youngest, Shawnna.  She's the quiet one of the group being the baby.  Shawnna enjoys playing with her siblings, outside, and with barbie.

She also loves playing with her dolls or as she calls them, "babies."

This 2nd grader is excited about her birthday.

"It's going to be my birthday in December," Shawnna said.

She's hoping for a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Shawnna also loves, "Tinkerbell."

This sibling group will do well in a two-parent home with older siblings who can be a role model to them and most importantly show them the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Shyenne, shelley, Samuell and Shawnna or other east texas children available for adoption call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.