Better East Texas: George Zimmerman continues to make news

(KLTV) - George Zimmerman seems to be out of control at a time when he should be doing everything to stay off the radar.

Whether you agree or disagree with the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, it is hard to say that George Zimmerman is acting like a man who just missed going to jail for Martin's death. You would think he would be doing his best to stay out of the spotlight, instead he continues to have issues with law enforcement.

Recent incidents include several stops by police for speeding and then now a run-in with his soon-to-be former wife who lied for Zimmerman on the witness stand. Zimmerman's attorney has decided he has had enough and he has elected to drop Zimmerman as a client. The only thing missing at this point is a made-for-TV movie, which would elevate Zimmerman to an even higher celebrity status and be a set up for what looks like a fall based on numerous bad decisions.

Perhaps we can all learn a little lesson from George Zimmerman and that is that when we are given a second chance we need to humbly return to our roots and rebuild, and not follow his example of the appearance of defying and even challenging law enforcement by his actions. You hope at some point he becomes less of a flashpoint for his own sake and moves out of the spotlight for his own good.

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